Banana Chocolate Cupcake Surprise

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Who will adore this Banana Chocolate Cupcake Surprise? Every single person you feed this lovely Surprise to, that’s who! This dessert is a wonderful surprise for whomever is lucky enough to get one of the cupcakes. This recipe uses a very special ingredient, chocolate hazelnut spread, that is a fabulous spread on its own, but doubly delicious when put against a banana cake, as here. The surprise will also be the look on every one’s face when they bite in to the cupcake and taste the unusual flavor and texture of the frosting and bite further in to the lush middle that contains the hazel nut and chocolate mixture. In this recipe the hazelnut and chocolate are purchased as a brand name. Almost any brand will do, and you can make your own from scratch, if you prefer. Either way, hazel nuts are a unique and robust nut that offer a wonderful contribution to this dessert.

This recipe is made from scratch, which means plenty of homemade goodness in the mix. There are three parts to this recipe. First, make the cupcakes, which is straightforward and filled with plenty of bananas. Next, make the frosting, which includes the special ingredient of marshmallows. Marshmallows add a lovely fluffy and sticky characteristic to recipes, and here they will give a great topping to a yummy base. The third part is the hazelnut filling, which is easy. Together, these three things work to create a real Banana Chocolate Cupcake Surprise that every one will love.

Make this dessert today. It is easy and the photos and explanations on the website are clear and easy to follow. Get the kids to help where they can and enjoy the day making up these lovely little cupcake surprises.

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