Banana Crumb Cake

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This recipe offers a simple method to make Banana Crumb Cake. It is a three layered cake, with a banana filled base that is the cake, a light classic crumb made from brown sugar, flour and butter, and then a glaze finish. This is an easy cake to make and a perfect starter recipe for some one without much experience in the kitchen. This cake can be made with three people if you have a lot of handy helpers. The older baker can make the base, including mashing the bananas. The middle crumb is a good choice for someone also just starting their baking career because it can allow for plenty of range and error in the ingredients, and the glaze can be made with the help of the littlest hands that can stir the mixture once you measure and pour the two ingredients together.

This can be a fun cake to make with whoever is around on the day you want to pop it together. It does not take long, and is a nutritional dessert without too much sugar in the mix. Most people enjoy the flavor of bananas, which are infused throughout the base, and the brown sugar crumb on top along with the glaze offer complementary sweeteners to the whole cake. Once made, set it out and let people snack on it as they wish. This is not a cake where you need to worry too much about portion control or too much sugar consumption. One way to bump up the nutrition could be to grind about one half cup of oatmeal in to a flour and add that instead of the same amount of flour to the mix. An easier addition could be to not grind the oats, but just add one half cup to the crumb.

Then enjoy what you have made. It is a lightly flavored, nicely put together cake that every one will like. Try it soon.

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