Banana Nut Silver Dollar Pancakes

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Its Saturday morning and you have some hungry diners waiting to see what creation you come up with to help make their stomachs stop grumbling. Yes you are now under pressure to perform. No worries because Angie is here to help you take the pressure off yourself and cook some pancakes and add the nutritional value of bananas into the recipe. In under 30 minutes you can have pancakes with banana in the mix and just add pancake syrup, it does not have to be pure maple syrup, and you will have the diners happy and at peace. The nutritional value of bananas is in the high potassium count so even if they put some extra maple syrup on them they will still have a nutritional meal. Pure maple syrup is a thing of beauty so if you have a couple of extra dollars take the plunge and the pancakes and your diners will thank you for it. You are not tied into bananas as the ingredient and you can add any other fruit or even nuts that you love and make the recipe more of your own. That is why a recipe is your guideline and not your marching orders. Add something or take something away feel free to always make the recipe friendly to you and your diners’ palates.

Pancakes and the many different varieties of them are basically flour, baking powder, salt, milk and eggs. They can also have a wider variety of extras included in the recipe. You can add blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and a multitude of other fruits. The option of including chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, caramel chips, nuts of many kinds and a whole litany of other sweet treats to them is the beauty of these hot cakes. They are also called flapjacks, hoecakes and crepes, that are the French variety, and there are also many different styles some of which add corn flour rather than regular flour. You can also substitute the white flour for whole-wheat and you can even have a mixture of whole-wheat and corn flour for a denser and heartier pancake.

The preferred cooking method for these fluffy mounds of glory is to fry them on your regular non-stick pan or if you have access to a flat top that is also a great way to make them. Recipes of pancakes vary from a thick batter and then can they also be very thin for the crepe variety. The options for ingredients and the different cooking methods vary and every place has their own way to cook them. If you are camping and find your self having to cook them in the wild you can use cast iron pans since they work great right over the open flame and their durability makes them a go to pan for frying them.

Thanks to Angie of the Big Bears Wife Blog for her yummy Banana Silver Dollar Pancakes recipe that continues a breakfast tradition with ties to prehistoric days gone by when Fred and Wilma Flintstone would cook them on a rock stove. **

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