Banana Split Brownie Pizza

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One glance at the name of this recipe and you just know it is going to be a delicious potpourri of yummy-ness that makes up this banana split brownie pizza. This recipe is perfect for kids small and large and a great party idea, too.

The pizza base is made with a brownie mix that you could even make ahead of time if you are planning to have kids make up their own individual pizzas. You could even bake several larger brownie pizza bases and have a brownie pizza party. Any way you choose to do it you just know this dish will be a hit and a big favorite with everyone.

There are a lot of options on what toppings you can have. The ones suggested in this recipe are fabulous and classic. If friends come over and they work together you could choose themes for different brownie pizzas. You could even make different kinds of brownies such as blonde or butterscotch. Have a competition that includes taste testing all the varieties and decide which one is the favorite. It will likely be a tough competition. It is hard to imagine any kind of banana split that is less than dee-lish no matter what is on it.

This is the kind of special treat that your kids and family adore once in a while. There is little to redeem this indulgence except for the family fun of making it together and the pleasure we all get from something so sweet and tantalizingly yummy. And that is likely worth a lot, really.

Line up your favorite movies, make a few variations of this banana split brownie pizza or invite friends over to help you do it, and settle in for an fun-filled evening of movies and pizza with a twist. Why not plan to do it this weekend?

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