Banana Split Ice Cream Cake

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You can make this Banana Split Ice Cream Cake recipe in the heat of the summer time and eat a special dish that will cool you off. You can also make it any time of the year though for a refreshing dessert treat. This is an easy to make ice cream cake. You start with a commercial brownie mix and then add the ice cream on top. Freeze. Serve with a variety of toppings. How easy is that? And it is the perfect thing to make on a day that is too hot to even move, like those lazy days in the middle of the summer. And ice cream and summer just go hand in hand. And you can choose any toppings at all that you like to put on the brownie and ice cream base. Choose whipped cream (make it from scratch), fresh cut fruit like bananas, but also strawberries in season, raspberries or blueberries, commercial toppings like butterscotch and chocolate and so on. There are so many options for this quick and easy banana split ice cream cake recipe. You are only limited by your own imagination and desire.

You can choose almost anything to put on top of this chocolate and ice cream combination cake recipe. You could also add nuts and even toffee pieces. Plenty of people also enjoy chopping up their favorite chocolate bars, such as a Mars bar or Snickers bar. There are just endless toppings and additions that you could make to this banana split ice cream cake recipe. So let your imagination go, and ask the kids. They might suggest M&Ms, jube jubes, and other individual candies that they can sprinkle on top.

In fact, this recipe could be made the up and coming baker in the house. There is little to bake besides the commercial brownie mix. Once that is made up, the ice cream is prepared and spread on top and the whole result is frozen for a while. You do not have to freeze it solid, if you do not wish to. Sometimes it is easier to not quite freeze it, just to make cutting the individual pieces a bit easier to do. The other advantage of cutting individual pieces is that you can put all of the other toppings out on the table and let people make up their own version of the banana split ice cream cake that they desire. As kids growing up, this is the method my own mother usually followed. The ice cream was dished out in lumps of two or three, and then we got to scoop out or pour our own toppings on to the various scoops of ice cream. Choosing which topping or treat we would put on our banana split was sometimes quite torturous. Enjoy this treat.

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