Banana Split Lush

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I remember as a very little girl the first time I had a banana split. My father was great for bringing home entire boxes of bananas, a fruit he loved. We would always have far too many to eat, no matter how creative my mother got in the kitchen and so sometimes we got special treats. This banana split lush brings back memories of those days when my dad would spoon heaps of chocolate, ice cream and whipping cream in to a dish for me to happily slurp up. This recipe will do the same thing for your family and help to create memories they will cherish forever.

This dish is also a great recipe for the kids to help make. Once you prepare the base of nuts and other ingredients, kids can help by chopping up the bananas or perhaps helping to mix the pudding. There is also the all-important step of layering the bananas, pudding and chocolate drizzle. Kids are sure to be great at each of those critical junctures.

This cake does need to be refrigerated for at least several hours. The time in the fridge not only firms the cake so it is easier to cut and prettier to serve, but it also allows the flavors to mingle and blend so you have a real flavor fest when it is fully chilled. And, finally, some things just taste better when they are really cold. This cake is no exception. So let it rest in the fridge as long as your family will let you.

Sometimes we can feel guilty about serving our families such luscious treats. But this recipe does combine nuts, a great source of vitamins and minerals as well as good fats and fiber, with fruits including banana and pineapple. So although we want to limit how much of these yummy things we eat dont forget that they also often contain lots of stuff that is good for you and your family.

This dish will keep in the fridge, if you can keep it at all. But we think your family may be lined up for seconds and so you might want to be sure to have extra made to meet their hunger needs.

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