Bananas Foster Snack Cake

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If you’re wondering what to do with too many over-ripe bananas in your kitchen, then try baking this yummy Bananas Foster Snack Cake recipe. Dessert recipes that use ripe bananas are always a hit because bananas have a distinct flavor that you just cannot dismiss when added to dessert recipes. This banana cake recipe is made from scratch using simple baking products from your pantry. Next time when you end up in a situation of over-ripe bananas in your kitchen, think of banana foster snack recipe. The frosting in this banana cake recipe is delicious with a generous amount of cream cheese and a hint of rum extract. This recipe is perfect to serve for all occasions including brunch and birthdays. You can also serve a slice with coffee on the side during snack time.

Bananas are very nutritious and rich in potassium which helps maintain blood pressure levels and heart functioning. Because of the nutritional value of banana in this recipe, this cake is not only a great way of getting kids to eat healthily but also allows them to enjoy a much deserved sweet treat. This recipe is one of the best dessert recipes ever for anyone in general because it is healthy and homemade.

You can turn this cake into cupcakes and decorate them with the cream cheese frosting, and it will still taste the same. You can even combine the cream cheese with marshmallow fluff together to make it extra decadent. Add dark chocolate chips to this recipe to pack in the anti-oxidants that come from dark chocolate. You can even add a layer of unsalted peanut butter and cinnamon to add extra protein. If you want to skip the cream cheese altogether, try substituting it with full-fat Greek yogurt which is a nutritious option. You can combine mashed bananas with Greek yogurt together and use it as frosting once the cake is cooled. Baking healthy is all about adding a touch of creativity based on what you like. You can always substitute the baking products with healthy options and still enjoy the dessert recipes. If you plan on making this delicious banana cake recipe for kids’ birthday parties you can add colorful sprinkles on top. Make sure to use a quality vanilla extract anytime you want to bake a cake from scratch. A good quality vanilla extract will impact the flavor in the cake to a large extent. Try to purchase the vanilla extract with no additives like corn syrup etc. Usually organic vanilla extract would be the best option to choose from the wide range of vanilla extract brands available in stores. The ingredients on the back of the product should read as 100 percent pure vanilla.

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