Basic Apple Pie

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Call out your aspiring bakers and get them to try this basic apple pie. It is a series of simple and easy to follow directions that will produce the culinary masterpiece, the basic apple pie. This recipe also includes directions and instructions to put together your own pie crust. Every beginning cook and baker should always learn to make a standard crust. There are just so many ways, both savory and sweet, where a pie crust can come in handy. So this recipe gives an opportunity to try out that skill as well.

You can make this pie with or without the apple peel. More and more recipes are now including fruit peels in their recipes because of the increased desire for more nutrition in the food we eat. Although it is not classic, and this recipe does not call for the peel, it is something to consider. The peel does not alter the baking time or any other aspect of the recipe, but it does introduce a different flavor and texture to the pie. So you decide what you want to try here. The flavors are subtle in apple pie. Here, a blend of lemon, cinnamon and cloves is a lovely and sophisticated blend that will work well against the Cortland apples called for in the recipe.

Apple pie is a great basic dessert that really marks the skill of a baker. It is one of the dishes that every person desiring to really learn how to bake should make, including creating their own crust from scratch. You can help out your aspiring baker by peeling, coring and cutting the apples if that is how you decide to go. That is always a time consuming task. But, however you make it, do try this dish soon.

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