BBQ Bacon Baked Potatoes

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In our kitchen we love a baked bacon recipe and tips on how to bake bacon in different ways. Thank you to the Oh Bite It! recipe blog for sharing this BBQ Bacon Baked Potatoes recipe with us. One potato two potato three potato four. Five potato six potato seven potato more! That’s what you are going to be singing when you take your first bite into this delicious potato recipe. Let’s be honest, what’s not to love? Potatoes, good. BBQ sauce, better. Bacon, best! Potatoes are the most common household staple food and are the world’s fourth largest food crop. They can be enjoyed in so many ways, baked, fried, boiled, in the form or French fries or chips, used to brew vodka, as a binder of soups and sauces and now wrapped in bacon and thrown on the BBQ in this particular recipe. It would be difficult to come across a person who doesn’t enjoy a good potato ol’ potato, they rarely disappoint. Potatoes were first domesticated in modern-day southern Peru and extreme North Western Bolivia between 8000-5000 BC, and did you know that after centuries of selective breeding, there are now over one thousand different types of delicious potatoes for a delicious potato recipe like this one. How many different types and ways have you enjoyed a potato? Combine this fun variety with the potato nutritional benefits and you have a food that you can really put on a pedestal.

Baconmania!! The phrase that’s used to describe the excitement and overall trend that this salty meat from the belly of the pig has placed on society. Baked bacon recipes, deep fried bacon recipes, bacon dipped in chocolate, bacon cupcake recipes and bacon cookie recipes all for the adventurous types but this bacon baked potato recipe is deliciously safe and comfortable and not lacking in the bacon department for all you bacon fanatics. As delicious as bacon is it can fall in the not so healthy category so if you are looking to feel a little less guilty about indulging in this potato recipe here are some helpful, healthy tips. The recipe calls for placing the potatoes on a pan covered with tin foil to bake, however, that can allow the potato to be sitting and cooking in bacon fat the entire time. Try placing your bacon wrapped potatoes in or on a BBQ vegetable grill basket or sheet that has holes to allow the bacon fat to trip from them. You will want to make sure you also place a drip tray at the bottom of your oven to prevent a mess.

To also keep this BBQ bacon baked potato recipe on the healthy recipe side you can google how to make a simple sugar free BBQ sauce to paint over your potatoes before baking. Aren’t you feeling less guilty already? Potatoes when consumed with the skin on provides your body fibre. Soluble fibre helps lower your cholesterol and becomes gel-like in your stomach which will fill you up and make you feel full longer. There is vitamin C in a potato even after cooking it. Potatoes also provide an excellent source of potassium which is great for healthy blood pressure. So in the long run, this BBQ bacon baked potato recipe is your new little secret. Your friends and family won’t believe it.*

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