BBQ Chicken Cornbread Bake

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This is a quick and easy way to use up some left over BBQ chicken and make it with cornbread to create a delicious dinner. BBQ Chicken Cornbread Bake comes together in a snap because of the commercial mix for the bread, and because you use left over chicken. In my house, that would never work, of course, because left overs just don’t exist. If that is also the case in your house, just buy a BBQ chicken already cooked and seasoned, and use that. After all, sometimes you deserve a break from the kitchen, right!

Cornbread is a fabulous bread in every respect. It is a wonderful color, has great texture, smells fantastic and tastes delicious. It is also just a nice change from the usual white or wheat breads that we so often eat. Here, the bread is made up and then the other ingredients are poured on top. Put the whole thing in the oven just long enough to melt the cheese, and there you have it—dinner tonight, easy peasy. This recipe is easy enough for anyone to make, and even if you are not around, the illustrations on the website, and the easy to follow instructions mean that someone else could pull this dinner together in your absence. Of course, they may not be happy about it, but it is possible. Make a load of steamed green beans to go with this dish for a nice complement of flavor.

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