BBQ Chicken Pasta Skillet

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There are three words in this recipe that will garner most peoples attention. You have bbq, chicken and pasta and with these three words this recipe is sure to get a lot of followers. This recipe calls for rotisserie chicken to be used but as with all recipes please feel free to change up the cooking method of the chicken that is included. These kinds of recipes are great for leftover chicken to find a home. Baked chicken breast is a great way to cook chicken that can be used for this and many other recipes. Chicken breast recipes are in more demand now than ever before since they are such lean cuts of chicken and many health practitioners are allowing for their inclusion in recipes. Easy chicken breast recipes like this one from Shawn can become your go to way to cook chicken. This recipe can include baked chicken breast of thighs and even drumsticks since as long as you pull the chicken from the bone it is easily included in the dish. If you are searching for chicken breast recipes and easy chicken breast recipes then you have found an ideal one for both. You can make the chicken in any way you like since it is only part of the recipe and not the main part.

Barbequing chicken is not always the easiest proposition since if you love to cue them with the skin on then you might be creating a flaming burnt mess. If you love to barbeque the chicken legs, thighs or wings with skin on then there is a great tip to cook them without having the dripping oil cause flames that will burn the skin. When first putting the chicken on the grill always keep them as high off the flame as possible in the first 15 minutes of cooking time. The skin will always drop oil since it is laden with the stuff. If you keep them as far from the flame as possible then after the first 15 minutes the majority of the oil will have dissipated. You can then easily keep them as close to the flame as you like without burning the skin and making it uneatable. Barbequed chicken in a recipe like this one from Shawn will add loads of flavor to the end product and your diners will love you for the effort.

Pasta is a great vehicle for shredded chicken since it is great in picking up all flavors and cooking them into the pasta itself. This recipe calls for you to include the pasta and broth and bbq sauce along with the chicken and have them all cook together adding to the mixing of the flavors. This kind of meal is also great for the fridge and will marry the flavors even more while in the fridge together. You can easily add some butter to a frying pan and give them a proper reheat.Thanks to Shawn of I Wash…You Dry Blog for this yummy BBQ Chicken Pasta Skillet Recipe and bon apetit.**

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