BBQ Onion Meatball Bombs

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Try some of this BBQ Onion Meatball Bombs recipe and see what you think of this fun and delicious meal and whether or not your family enjoys a dinner such as this one. This meatball bombs recipe is perhaps a bit time consuming, but they are really worth the extra effort that you have to go to in order to make them for the family. The flavor that comes from cooking the meat inside an entire leaf of the onion as well as wrapping the meat in bacon is unique and quite delicious. It is definitely a meatball recipe that you will try and then make over and over again. That is also likely because your family will be begging for it!

This meatball recipe can be made in a few separate steps. You can begin by separating the onion in to its separate layers and seeing just how many you will need to cut in order to have the right size for your onion meatball bombs recipe. Then you can prepare the meat. When that step is completed, you just fill the onion sheaths and wrap them with the bacon. Pop the whole thing in to the oven and you are pretty much done. This meatball bombs recipe suggests a blend of meat for the meatloaf. This is a terrific idea. The blend of meat creates more flavor and a better depth to the meatball part of this dish. Of course, both the onions and the bacon will also contribute terrific taste to this meatball bombs recipe, so do not skip those, either. Even if some people do not really like either bacon or onions, use them to cook the meatballs, and if you must (for the kids, for example), remove the onions or the bacon once the meat is cooked. The flavor will still be there in the meat.

This recipe is not too quick, but it is easy, and does not require a lot of time to mix the ingredients. What might take a bit of time is the shaping and encasing of the meatball bombs with the onions and the bacon. Still, it is well worth the effort to do this step because the flavor results in the cook are quite extraordinary. The recipe, from the site, Hugs & Cookies XOXO, recommends that you also add a BBQ sauce to the whole thing towards the end of the cooking period. This is certainly an option; however, even if you skip this step in the process (to lower the amount of sugar, for example, that you add to the recipe) this dish will have big flavor. Enjoy this dish soon with your family. You will enjoy it!

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