BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad Lasagna

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Presenting the BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad Lasagna! Just in time for this seasons get together. As we have entered spring, the baseball mitts are dusted off, and the sound of 'Play Ball' is in the neighboring baseball diamond. Bicycles are everywhere! Moms are jogging pushing their babies in those wonderful baby buggies with the bicycle wheels with their toddler peddling furiously alongside. Dogs are running on leads by their masters, and while those moms are running you can be sure they are also planning meals!

It is wonderful to share a recipe that offers a simple solution to a pot luck or to go along with that BBQ event planned for the weekend. One very nice thing about this is the presentation. The ingredients include lettuce, cooked chicken, beans, corn fresh tomatoes along with some other yummy things that when made into a layered lasagna salad look very appetizing. Obviously by the title we know we can expect the ranch dressing and BBQ sauce to be a part of this dish.

Whenever a recipe like this comes along, keep in mind you can do some substitutions as well to suit your family. Rather than canned corn, you could opt for fresh frozen corn that is cooked for a few minutes and drained. Romain lettuce is a great choice as it tends to stay firm longer than a leaf lettuce. The recipe calls for cheddar cheese, but you could combine 2 or more types of cheese as well.

This dish is served cut into squares, just like lasagna so be sure you have a good sharp knife on hand to make a good clean cut. The recipe says you can make this a few hours ahead so that will free you up when the fun and socializing begins!

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