BBQ Sriracha Ribs

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BBQ Sriracha Ribs are a delicious summer time food that serves up well with lightly steamed green beans. The spice of the sriracha works as a great complement to the BBQ sauce to create a spicy and tangy result. You may never eat other ribs again. This dish is quick and easy to prepare, and ribs don’t take long to make once they have marinated overnight and then been cooked. It’s a good idea to plan ahead, although these ribs can sit, cooked, in the fridge for a day until you are ready to BBQ them.

Sriracha is from Thai and Vietnamese origin, a blend of chiles and garlic that create a hot and spicy flavor that can quickly become addictive. This recipe calls for commercial sriracha to be blended along with your favorite BBQ sauce to make these ribs. A rub is also part of the recipe, and it complements and picks up on the flavors of the BBQ sauce and sriracha.

Ribs are so much fun to eat. You pick them up in your fingers and look at their shiny and rich sauce smothering the ribs, then bite in to moist and delicious ribs. It’s hard to not chew the bones as well because the cooking method permeates the flavor right through the rack of ribs. The spicy barbecue sauce is sharp in your nose, and you will not be able to resist licking your fingers one by one when you finally get through your ribs. No napkins for this meal! This is where finger licking good got started. Be sure to make lots and invite all your friends over for this friendly meal. They can bring the salads and dessert! Enjoy.

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