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Have you ever found bed bugs in your home? If so, you know how horrible they can be to get rid of. A bed bug infestation is also likely to remain even after you've done some bed bug removal. They are very resilient, the females can lay hundreds of eggs in her lifetime, and an egg can remain to hatch new bugs long after you've done your bed bug removal process. This isn't to frighten, but just to raise awareness of the severity of the bed bug epidemic. Tom from Keller Pest Control in Harrisonville, Missouri has been in the pest control industry for over thirty years, and he says that bed bug infestations are more common than ever before. As you can imagine, he has had some really bad experiences and has seen some horrible cases of bed bug infestation in his time. Even though bed bugs can be difficult to get rid of once you have them, there are ways that you can significantly reduce the risk of bringing the bugs into your home in the first place. So if you travel anywhere, you'll want to thoroughly check out the hotel or place you're staying before you stay there. Or, check for any reports of bed bugs there. Tom recommends checking out Bed bug or bed bug

There is also a product he suggests getting called Nuvan-strips. You will get about 10 or 12 strips in a package, and these strips emit an odourless vapour that will kill the bed bugs. When you travel, take these with you and to be safe, keep your suitcases in the bathtub. Don't use the dressers in the hotel either. Then, when you return home remove your clothes out of your luggage in your garage and put them in the washing machine right away to wash on the hottest setting and dry on the hottest setting to kill the bed bugs. Put the luggage into plastic bags and seal them up with the strips in them to kill the bugs. One of the misconceptions about bed buts is that they only infest your bed which is just not true. They can hide almost anywhere and can even live a far distance from your bed and make the trip to you each night to feed on blood. You should invest in a good mattress cover though to keep them out. If you end up finding out that you have a bed bug infestation hire professionals to do the removal for you. It will save you a lot of time, energy and money. When it comes to professional treatment options, there are two different treatments Tom mentions.

The first treatment is Thermal Remediation and the second is a Chemical treatment. The Thermal treatment uses heat to kill the bugs. This might not be the most effective way since when the heat goes away, there might still be bed bugs left over and that will come back and mate since a bed bug will mate before it dies. That's why chemical treatment is better according to Tom. He also mentions that a good idea is to check with the company for any guarantees they have and if they don't offer any guarantees, don't hire them on. Tom's company guarantees to eliminate the bed bugs as long as the customers follow their checklist and do the work it requires to keep the bed bugs from returning. So as you can see, removing bed bugs isn't the easiest job in the world which is why it pays to take preventative measures. Make sure you read all of the information Tom provided on Hometalk to learn even more.***

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