Beer Can Chicken

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Okay, this approach to a grilled chicken by using a beer can chicken (you can even buy a special container for this method) may sound strange, but some people swear that this approach is the only right way to prepare chicken in the summer time. It can get religious on you, so I say, stay out of the argument and try it out for yourself. The chicken can be cooked whole or in pieces and you season it in any way that you prefer, from Cajun cooking to a light marjoram and thyme sprinkle. Any way you like it, this method should produce the perfect chicken. Of course the website does recommend that you use a thermometer to ensure the chicken reaches the appropriate temperature so that it is cooked. This step is always a good idea.

Grilling is a lot of fun in the summer time. If you can grill year round, you are even more lucky. Even walking down a street and smelling the grills at work in the neighborhood can bring a smile to your face. Hey—what about having a neighborhood grilling party? People can just bring their portable grills to the front of their homes and every one on the street could grill together! What a great way to build community. Send flyers around, get people involved, and have a lot of fun. Maybe you could even get a section of the street cordoned off if local by-laws permit you to do this, and have a block party. They are just a lot of fun. Surrounded by good food, great friends, the smells of summer, and the warmth of the sun on a lazy afternoon is the perfect way to pass the time. Don’t you think?

Try this recipe out and see if you can find the container that goes with it. It is always worthwhile to have the right tools to ensure the job turns out right. Enjoy.

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