Berry Bomb Cake

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This creamy and lush berry bomb cake is made with fresh strawberries, and will be a fabulous treat in the height (and heat) of the summer months. And this cake is meant for summer. This recipe combines three kinds of berries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, all of which are best in the summer, and uses them to create this creamy and layered treat.

The base layer is made with chocolate cookies (almost any kind would do, even filled if you liked that concept) that are coated with milk to soften them some what before being mixed with a whipped cream blend. Be sure to use fresh cream rather than frozen. It is easy to beat fresh cream, and nothing tastes better with summer fruit. Here the best of summer is captured in the fruits. And fruits are some of the very best food you could eat. They are all loaded with vitamins and minerals and as well, anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories. Raspberries are among the very best fruits to eat, but watch strawberries. Some people can be extremely allergic.

This dish is quick and easy to make. Let the kids help with the berries—just make sure you have plenty for them to eat and put in the dessert. The cost of this dish will vary, depending on where you buy your berries and according to the season. So make this dish in the summer, when you can get these berries either at U-pick stands or from the local farmer’s market. The flavors will be spectacular, and will really pop against the chocolate cookie and cream base. This dessert cannot be beat for a summer dessert. Make it for your kids, friends, and family. They will all love it if you do. Enjoy this dish soon.

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