Best and EASIEST ever way to clean your microfiber couch

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If you own any microfiber furniture, you know just how tricky it can be to clean. Microfiber fiber is a synthetic fiber that has very thin strands that are made to look like either suede or leather, which makes the material an attractive and affordable fabric options for sofas, chairs and couches. Also, because microfiber is a durable fabric that repels water, it is fabric that is well suited for furniture. However, most furniture manufacturers and salespeople will give you the impression that microfiber furniture is impervious to stains and that the fabric is indestructible. This is simply not the truth, as anyone who owns microfiber furniture and also owns a dog, can attest to. For anyone who owns microfiber furniture and who has a dog, will let you know how aggravating drool stains can be. The tricky part about cleaning microfiber sofas and couches is that on most of the furniture but not all it, you can’t use soap and water to clean it, but if not done properly you'll end up with water rings that can end up making the piece of furniture look worse than it did before the furniture was cleaned. This is why it's so important to know the proper house cleaning tips to clean microfiber furniture.

Step 1. When it comes to cleaning your microfiber furniture, you will first need to assess the microfiber. Before you clean your microfiber furniture, you will need to determine which type of microfiber furniture that you have. There should be a tag somewhere on the piece of furniture that has one of the following codes on it. Codes include W which means that you must use a water-based cleaning solution to clean. S means that you should use a solvent based cleaner for your furniture. SW means that you can use either a water-based cleaner or a solvent based cleaner. X means that you can only vacuum the piece of microfiber furniture. The W tag is probably the easies to clean because all it takes is any water-based cleaning solution, you might just use some soapy water. The most common code is S or no tag at all, in which you should probably treat as S to be safe.

Step 2. Cleaning your microfiber furniture. Once you have assessed which type of microfiber furniture you have, you can use the DIY ideas and appropriate clean house tips. If you are going to use the solvent method of cleaning your microfiber, it is most likely polyester-based. This means that most microfiber furniture is made out of polyester, so you can safely use rubbing alcohol. You can also use a clear alcohol such as vodka to clean the microfiber furniture instead. To clean your microfiber couch, you will want to fill a spray bottle with some rubbing alcohol. Then once you have the rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, you can spray the areas of your sofa that need to be cleaned. Use a clean cloth to help blot and gently rub the microfiber furniture stains to lift them out of the fabric.

Step 3. After you have cleaned your microfiber furniture, you will need to fluff it, so that it looks just like new. This may seem easy enough to do, but many people run into the problem of the microfiber fabric feeling stiff to the touch after it is cleaned. The good news is that there is an easy DIY idea tip to this problem. To fluff the microfiber furniture after cleaning all you need to do is to gently rub the stiff microfibers with a clean, soft scrub brush, or with the scrubby side of a clean sponge. This fluffing step, making the microfiber fabric soft and plush again. **

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