Best Baked 'Fried' Chicken

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This Best Baked 'Fried' Chicken is, of course, really baked chicken. As fried foods lost favor because of their heavy fat content, great cooks developed terrific ways to imitate the flavor of frying with baking. This recipe gets a great crust on the chicken that does a good job of imitating fried taste; that is, it is crusty, crunchy, and filled with flavor.

One important tip and trick to make good baked/fried chicken lies with the marinade. Be sure to leave your chicken overnight in whatever marinade that you are using. This seasoning and juice will permeate the meat and that will allow it to cook up wonderfully tender and crisp. Try it just once, and you will agree. This dish makes a great lunch with a salad on the side, or dinner. Serve it for a main meal with smashed potatoes made with yogurt and sour cream, and green beans, lightly steamed. Or, serve them at night as a great snack for everyone. These chicken tenders can be served with any dipping sauce that you like, whether based on a yogurt or sour cream or something based on a sweet flavor like sweet and sour sauce, or even something simple like dill chopped in to sour cream. Whatever you like. Try several. Make lots. People will be back for seconds and thirds and fourths and . . . well, you get the idea.

This recipe offers a great alternative to fried chicken, and makes a lovely snack, lunch or main meal. It does require several hours of marinating, at the least, and preferably overnight, for best flavor. But you decide. Your family will love it no matter how you make it because you made it from your heart. Enjoy!

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