Best Banana Bread Ever

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I don’t know why southern cooking seems to understand and use the banana in so many unusual and creative ways, but I do know that when The Southern Lady Cooks website says it has the Best Banana Bread Ever, I tend to believe it. My own best banana bread recipe comes from Paul Prudhomme, a famous Louisiana chef. And as this blogger points out, make plenty of it, because one loaf can mean one serving size. This banana bread is addictive, and it can be hard to stop eating this moist, rich bread.

The site is worth checking out because it has oodles of really good recipes. Many start with pre-packaged ingredients that are boosted with flavorful additives to improve taste and make things taste homemade. This combination of pre-made and home-made can be a real boon for days when you don’t have the time or energy to make something right from scratch. It is also a great method to teach young people who are just learning to cook how things come together without the difficulty of having to do all the work yourself.

This recipe is from scratch and includes a swirl that is incorporated in to the bread as well as a glaze that goes on top of the bread once it is completed. It is a triple layering of flavor that will have you and yours returning for “just one more piece.” As the recipe points out, this banana bread keeps well, either for a day or two on the kitchen counter under plastic, or in the freezer, likely for about one month. It’s best to freeze it without the glaze and to add that when you thaw out the banana bread to eat it.

Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, The Southern Lady Cooks, by following the link below.

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