Best Banana Cake

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So here is a recipe for Best Banana Cake, a strong claim in an arena where there is plenty of competition. But that is what makes baking so much fun. Keep trying out various recipes that you enjoy until you find the one that works for you and your family. Sometimes that may even result in you creating your own personalized recipe from one or several that you try. So here is one you can check and have your family taste (and taste and taste) to see how much they enjoy it.

This recipe for best banana cake blends shortening with the other ingredients. Shortening is an interesting fat that ensures a very tender crumb. Other fats, such as butter and oil can be somewhat more challenging to work with, but shortening is almost always going to ensure an outcome that is very tender. There are also plenty of bananas for flavor in this banana cake, about three in all. Be sure to use very ripe bananas for maximum flavor and moistness in your cake.

The icing is a chocolate blend that flatters the banana and really pulls the flavor out of the cake. Chocolate and banana seem to be perfect complements of flavor, with each of these strong flavors balancing out the other. This icing is very quick and easy and even a young baker could attempt to make this one. It draws on some easy sources of chocolate and so there is no melting and waiting involved in the process. Check out this recipe, and try it soon. Compare it to your other favorite banana cake recipes and see which one you and your family prefers most. Enjoy it soon!

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