Best Banana Cream Pie Recipe

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Do you have a best banana cream pie recipe? If you do not (or maybe even if you do) try out this fresh and delicious take on an all-time favorite. Its hard to say no to any banana cream pie. After all, who can resist that smooth filling and whipped cream topping? This pie, though, is for those who really love a homemade flavor and lots of chunky bananas in their banana cream. This pie combines a butter-based flaky piecrust and chopped bananas in homemade custard. That silky mixture is topped with whipped heavy cream and then sprinkled with flaked chocolate and more bananas to make it completely irresistible. Try to keep the family out of the end result until you have allowed it to chill for several hours. It improves the flavor, if thats possible!

There are some things to remember about this recipe.

First, both the crust and the filling are made from scratch. Thats not hard to do, but it does take some time and patience. So plan ahead for those two steps.

A food processor can make pulling together the crust faster and easier.

For the custard filling, be sure to use a good heavy saucepan so that the egg yolks and milk do not burn. And remember, the custard has to cool before you can assemble the final coup de grace!

Whipped cream can always be made by hand, but it is definitely much easier if you have a stand (or hand) mixer.

If you do whip your cream by hand, put it into a plastic container that can hold twice the amount of cream you are using. Put on the lid and let everyone take a turn shaking the cream. It will be ready before you know it, and the whole family can take a bit of credit in helping out.

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