Best Cajun Chicken Alfredo

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If you are desperate for some thing Cajun, you could do a lot worse than this recipe for the Best Cajun Chicken Alfredo. This great recipe uses legitimate seasonings like creole seasoning and liquid smoke to help get that real Louisiana richness and depth in to the Alfredo. There are also some of the classic vegetables that you can expect in Cajun cooking, including plenty of onions and peppers, too. If you want to make this dish super traditional, add celery, too. The flavoring that comes from this assortment of vegetables is truly incredible.

This recipe is made entirely from scratch and uses great spices and seasonings to ensure a really big flavor in the pasta. And the three cups of pure cream that go in to the recipe speaks to the Cajun big time. When ever I have gone to Louisiana I have been astonished at the use of rich ingredients and plenty of them in every dish I ate. It is possibly the best food in the world, decadent, indulgent and absolutely fabulous. This recipe uses liquid smoke, which adds dramatic flavor to any recipe where it is found, and is a trademark of many Cajun dishes.

This dish might well require you to buy some special Cajun seasonings (unless you are a real Cajun cook and keep these ingredients on hand) and this dish will certainly take some time for you to prepare for dinner tonight. However, it is worth every minute that you spend on it, in terms of the satisfaction that you and your family (and whomever else you plan to feed) will experience when you eat this dish. Be sure to book mark this page, if you are not going to make this for dinner tonight, and get to making this dinner for your family and friends as soon as possible.

Nutrition Facts for: Best Cajun Chicken Alfredo From Aunt Bee's Recipes
Ingredients: Boneless skinless chicken breasts, creole seasoning, Hickory liquid smoke, unsalted butter, fresh mushrooms, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, green onions, heavy cream, dried basil, lemon pepper seasoning, garlic powder, black pepper, grated parmesan cheese, pasta.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 4 servings. * Per Serving: Calories 772, Calories from Fat 490, Total Fat 54.5g 84%, Saturated Fat 32.3g 161%, Cholesterol 249mg 83%, Sodium 408mg 17%, Potassium 642mg 18%, Carbohydrates 43.8g 15%, Dietary Fiber 2.2g 9%, Sugars 5.3g, Protein 30.6g, Vitamin A 88%, Vitamin C 202%, Calcium 29%, Iron 27%

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