Best Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

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This is a lovely double layer made up of peanut butter fudge layered on top of chocolate fudge. The dark chocolate color looks great against the light peanut butter color; every one will want some of this recipe. That is also because this recipe is also made according to traditional methods; that is, each of the separate fudge types is made by bringing each of them to the soft ball stage, and then allowing it to fudge. For my money, this is the best type of fudge to make, capturing the beautiful blend of the slight hard bite (the fudginess) of the fudge and the way fudge then immediately melts away in the mouth without any graininess. It is a wonderful blend of flavors, too. Chocolate and peanut butter work beautifully together. If you are in the mood for fudge, and want a really special recipe, this is it.

Fudge, according to the lore, was invented when an overly anxious baker burnt some caramels he (and it certainly would have been a man at the time) had been preparing. Thus, fudge was born. As likely as not, the baker was short on time, and so ‘invented’ the fudge in order to have something to present for dessert. These kinds of accidents happen more often than you realize, and can result in some famous dishes and desserts. In any event, since then, every kind of fudge you can think of has been thought up, with more variations than you could possibly imagine. Every flavor you can think of has been made in to a fudge of some kind or other. And t is a lovely treat to make (infrequently) that satisfies every need you might have for sugar and butter. Kids, of course, love fudge for the sugar and sweet butter.

Try this recipe for fudge and treat yourself to a really traditional flavor and texture in both chocolate and peanut butter. Enjoy.

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