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This delicious meatloaf recipe will be one of the best you will have ever tried, with moist, tender meat and a sweet and sour glaze over the top. Although many people combine their ingredients simply, this meatloaf recipe takes a few extra steps to maximise flavour. Melissa, the author of Melissa’s Southern Style Kitchen recipe blog, chooses to sauté her aromatic ingredients, like bell peppers and onion, because it softens them allowing them to become infused into the loaf more, and it also sweetens their taste. Another interesting step she takes with this meatloaf recipe is to shape the loaf on a baking sheet, rather than placing it in a loaf pan. This step is ideal because it allows more room for the glaze recipe to go, as it can be spread on the sides and not just the top. Whether you require ground meat recipes to use up copious amounts of ground beef or simply love the taste of meatloaf with a sticky sauce, this will be a great choice for the kitchen table all week long.

There are many types of recipes with ground meat, like meat loaf, meatballs or hamburgers, and they all require a similar method in assembling them. An important thing to remember with these types of dishes is that the ground meat mixture is like a dough, and similar to a dough, can become tough with too much kneading. To make the most tender, meat loaf recipe ever, it is a great idea to stir all of the filler ingredients and flavourings together, and then add the meat last, so that less kneading is required. If you have a light hand, though, Melissa’s method of mixing this ground meat recipe will be perfect.

Meat loaf and other ground meat recipes are accessible to a lot of people, but not always everyone, due to their propensity to include bread crumbs for binding. This saucy meatloaf recipe includes Panko breadcrumbs, which are exceptional as a binder, but if you are on a gluten free diet, won’t be as ideal. Luckily, there are many products being produced today that are gluten-free, like Panko or other breadcrumbs. These products would be a great addition to any gluten free recipes that would usually contain a lot of gluten, like meatballs or burgers. If you can’t find gluten-free breadcrumbs, though, you could even substitute with starchy cooked rice, which would be a great way of using up leftover rice in the refrigerator.

Meatloaf is one of most perfect meals for large families, because most people love it, and therefore you won’t have to try to appeal to varying tastes with different foods at dinner time. Even kids will enjoy this meatloaf recipe, because of the sweet and sticky glaze on top. The glaze is an easy mixture of brown sugar, tomato soup, ketchup and mustard, so you should have everything in your kitchen to make this elegant and tasty loaf. The mixture will be thick enough to coat the entire loaf, but will eventually caramelise lightly on the outside and infuse into the meat. For an even tangier taste, consider substituting the yellow mustard with hearty Dijon. The Dijon will add a little more complexity to this already wonderful dish, and honey mustard or spicy mustard would work well too. You can even use this glaze with other dishes, like meatballs or as a glaze over chicken. There will be so many uses for this sauce beyond coating this meatloaf. Thank you to Melissa, the author of Melissa’s Southern Style Kitchen recipe blog, for sharing her best delicious meatloaf recipe with us.

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