Best Ever Chocolate Silk Pie

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It’s worth the effort to go all the way and make this using real whipped cream and complete the effect with chocolate shavings for this best ever chocolate silk pie. This pie is made with four ounces of chocolate, which will produce a fantastically rich and flavorful pie. You will need the whipped cream on top (think about doubling the whipped cream recipe) just to cut through the richness of the chocolate. A commercial pie shell eases the job to produce this pie, but you could easily make a shell from scratch, if you wish.

This pie is a wonderfully chocolate-y surprise. Until you taste it, you might not be able to tell that it is made from scratch. But because of the chocolate in it, this pie will outdo any commercial pie that you compare it to. Calling it a silk chocolate pie is exactly the right way to describe the result of this blend of chocolate, butter and other ingredients. The texture will be creamy, smooth and silky. Yum. It just cannot be beat. Top it with mountains of cool and refreshing real whipped cream, and cover that with chocolate, and you have a dessert that is unparalleled.

Cut this pie into very tiny wedges because of the extraordinary (and fabulous) levels of chocolate and fat. When you read the recipe, note how little sugar is used compared to the other ingredients in this recipe. When you use high quality ingredients, and enough of them, sugar plays a minor role in the mix. That results in custard that will be rich, but not overly sweet. The same holds true for the whipping cream. Making the whipped cream topping from scratch means a lot less sugar needs to be added. You can even increase the vanilla or add a tiny amount of grated orange peel in to the whipped cream and reduce the sugar even more. This recipe is a keeper!

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