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It’s so easy to pick up tortillas at the store, but this flour tortilla recipe is so delicious and easy you will never buy them again. The dough is very simple to mix and roll into tortillas; it is sticky but becomes more manageable by dusting generously with flour. The bonus of the dough be soft is that it is easy to roll out into a round disk. Sandra, the author of A Dash of Sanity recipe blog, uses this recipe for tortilla wraps because it has been a challenge to develop such a tender texture in other tortillas recipes. These tortillas are flat like other tortillas, but they are also very fluffy due to the addition of baking powder.

Baking powder isn’t a common addition to tortilla wrap recipes, partly because tortillas have been made for centuries, long before chemical leaveners have existed. Mexican tortillas would have originally been prepared with corn, and the mixture was even more simple than this tortilla recipe here. Corn tortillas are a mixture of masa, salt and water, which are pressed or rolled into rounds and cooked on a griddle or cast iron pan. Masa is an important part of any corn tortilla; it is a flour prepared by grinding maize, which is soaked in a mixture of lime and water to remove their skins. Traditional tortilla dough is never leavened, but the baking powder adds a very appealing texture to this flour tortilla recipe. Flour tortillas have their origins in Mexico, too, having been invented by Sephardi Jews who were looking for a kosher alternative to corn. These days flour tortillas are often a more appealing choice to corn ones because they have a subtle flavour that can pair well with any filling. Corn tortillas are best paired with stronger tasting fillings because their taste can be more overpowering.

Although you may think you require a tortilla press to make tortilla wrap recipes, that is not the case. Sandra has provided an easy method for shaping tortillas. First, she uses a scoop to portion the dough into equal portions, and then she uses a rolling pin to roll them into a flat round. She also explains how to make different sized tortillas, whether you want ones that you can use for wraps or if you prefer to use them for taco recipes. This tortilla recipe is bound to make a lot, so if you don’t have a large family, you will want to figure out ways of preserving them for the long term. These should keep in a sealed bag for a few days without spoiling, or they could be popped in the freezer until ready to use. Alternatively, if you have always wondered how to make tortilla chips, you can turn this bread recipe into chips by cutting into wedges and baking on a baking sheet until crisp.

Thank you to Sandra, the author of A Dash of Sanity recipe blog, for sharing her best flour tortillas recipe with us.

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