Best Ever German Chocolate Cake

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Here is a dessert that has earned the phrase, best ever German chocolate cake. This combination of coconut, chocolate, caramel and pecans results in a rich and delicious dessert that melts in your mouth and leaves you entirely satisfied. This is an old American (not German) recipe named after its creator, Sam German. German developed the recipe in the mid-1800s, having developed the chocolate formulation for the cake. It quickly became a raving success, and continues to be a favored cake today. This recipe is a true German chocolate cake classic, using egg yolks in the frosting to create an especially rich and delicious icing. If you have not made this cake before, let today be the day. It is wonderful in flavor, fabulous to look at, and worth the effort to make.

The cake is really a standard chocolate cake, made using water and oil to preserve moistness in the dessert. There is nothing particularly difficult about making this cake, although it is nice to make it from scratch. The frosting is where you will possibly be surprised by the ingredients. There is quite a list. Still, it is relatively easy to make, if a bit time consuming compared to simple butter frosting. Again, make the frosting according to the recipe instructions. This is the classic frosting for this cake, and well worth making at least once.

This cake is not always iced on the sides, but only in the middle layer and on top. (It is always made as a two-layer cake.) Today, though, you often find the sides iced. As well, the cake sometimes is decorated with cherries on top, a pretty garnish that can make this cake particularly celebratory. Bookmark this website and try this cake the next time you want to serve something special.

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