Best Ever Meat Loaf

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Meatloaf is the epitome of family recipes. Every household has their version, whether it contains classic beef, pork or leaner cuts of meat like chicken or turkey. This best ever meat loaf recipe was developed by Jen, the author of Yummy Healthy Easy recipe blog. If you are into more traditional ground meat recipes, this version will be for you. This main dish consists of lean ground beef, onions, Worcestershire, and tomatoes, which are all quintessential meatloaf ingredients. There is one difference, though, that will make this meatloaf more nutritious than others; rather than breadcrumbs, it contains oats for binding, which adds more fiber. In a world where people don’t get nearly enough fiber in their diets per day, the addition of healthy oats is very smart. Since oats are gluten-free, this meatloaf recipe will be ideal for those on a gluten free diet as well.

If you are looking for gluten free recipes and are a lover of meatloaf, this dish will be the one for you. It combines all the usual flavors of meatloaf with the smart addition of oats. Oats are naturally gluten-free making them perfect additions to gluten free diet recipes. There are some challenges to using oats for gluten-free diets, though, because oats are often processed in the same environment that glutinous foods, like flour, are packaged in. If you require gluten-free oats, simply search for ones that are labeled as such. Although bigger brands of oats may not be gluten-free, you should be able to find them in the natural food area of your grocery store or bulk food stores.

Although you might think that oats won’t bind the same way breadcrumbs will, they absorb moisture just as well. This homey meatloaf recipe uses instant oats, which are highly processed compared to large flake oats or steel-cut oats. Instant oats are pre-cooked before packaging, and then dried, and pressed thinly. Usually, foods that are highly processed have a lower nutritional value than less processed versions, but when it comes to instant oats, that is not the case. Instant oats contain a very similar nutritional background and fiber amount to steel-cut and large flake oats. The appeal of instant oats in the case of this main dish recipe is that the oats are fast acting and require less cook time to bind the meat together.

Beef does have the tendency to be expensive, but when it comes to low budget family meals, ground beef is best. One pound of ground beef can be enough to serve many people if prepared as a soup or stew. In the case of this meat recipe, two pounds are ideal for a substantial loaf. The good news is that besides eating the meatloaf for dinner, the family can also enjoy it for lunch on sandwiches the next day. Enjoying this loaf in two meals rather than one makes it ideal for preparing on a regular basis. Thank you to Jen, the author of Yummy Healthy Easy recipe blog, for sharing her meat loaf recipe with us.

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