Best Ever Slow Cooker Creamed Corn

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Corn is a great food that has a long and storied history and has been a great addition to many great recipes. This one from Donna is a great addition to your easy creamed corn recipe list. Slow cooker recipes for families are great since the slow cooker cuts your kitchen time down and creates a meal that melds together in a wonderful mix that will have every flavor add a different dimension to the dish. The best family slow cooker recipes are ones that you have a part of by adding your own special ingredient. This specific easy creamed corn recipe from Donna cooks for over 2 hours in the slow cooker and can be a great addition to any meal you are serving.

Creamed corn can also be easily frozen and will live in the freezer for a month or more and can be taken out defrosted and easily ready to enjoy. Slow cooker recipes for families can be stews or you can even prepare desserts in these great cooking vessels. The best family slow cooker recipes give you the ease of knowing that even if you have things to do you can still prepare a great meal that your diners will love.

Corn is a North American creation that was growing wildly when the Native Americans decided to make it into a meal. They were the first known humans to take the corn and use it for a meal and a bread. They called it maize and is still referred to it in that way up to this day. The first explorer to the new world found this great yellow food and brought it to Europe and it has gone from there to the rest of our planet. You can find many recipes like casseroles that provide a great home for it. The Native Americans would grind it down and were the first peoples to make a form of taco or flat bread from the maize. They were also boiling it to eat it whole and would make a paste that was a great meal in itself.

Slow cookers are a great way to prepare meals and they have gotten more popular now because of our hectic lifestyles. The first slow cooker was first put to market in the mid 1950’s and they were eventually mass produced with the crock pot being the most famous of them The initial idea came from the mind of Irving Naxon and he was inspired from his grandmother. This great way to cook your food is one of the fastest growing cooking vessels that now has many wonderful recipes to add to. When thinking of using a recipe that calls for a slow cooker always remember if you don’t have one you can still make recipe just get a thick-bottomed pot and cook on top of the stove at low heat for a longer time than would usually. Any great chef will tell you it isn’t what you don’t have in the kitchen it’s all about using what you do have. Thanks to Donna of The Slow Roasted Italian Blog for this yummy Best Ever Slow Cooker Creamed Corn Recipe and bon apetit.**

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