Best Ever Tuna Salad Sandwich

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This is one of the best sandwich recipes to make; it's so easy and sure to be added to your list of favorites. It's always a good idea to start with high quality canned tuna. If you have leftover cooked tuna steaks, then you can use them instead of the canned tuna. Both Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s have excellent canned tuna that is packed in olive oil. Tuna that is packed in olive oil may be more flavorful than tuna that is packed in water, but you want to check on the quality. You might prefer to use tuna packed in water, drain it, and then add in a bit of high-quality extra virgin olive oil. This tuna sandwich recipe requires a bit of experimentation with different brands. The tuna salad recipe uses tuna that is either canned or fresh, cottage cheese, mayonnaise, red onion, celery, capers, lemon, parsley, dill and Dijon mustard. Mix all of the quality ingredients and serve on some good quality toasted bread. You can serve this tuna sandwich recipe either open-faced or in a regular sandwich with some lettuce and tomatoes. For a low carb option of this best sandwich recipe, serve on some sliced lettuce.

Tuna selection and storage tips. The flesh of tuna can range from a very light pink almost nearly white to a deep reddish brown, depending on the variety of tuna you choose. Prime raw tuna steaks look very similar to raw beef, right down to the deep red color of the tuna flesh. The tuna steak may have a darker brown area, which is edible and has a much stronger flavor. Fresh tuna fish is usually sold already skinned since the skin of tuna is very tough. When selecting fresh tuna, you want to avoid any fish with dry or brown spots other than the natural darker brown area. There should be no rainbow sheen on the tuna fish, and it should smell ocean-fresh. The fishmonger generally keeps the tuna fish in a large filet, which looks very much like a beef loin, and they will slice off what you need for your food ideas. When you bring the raw tuna fish home from the market, you want to get it into your refrigerator as soon as possible. Keep the tuna fish in the fridge until you are ready to use it. It is best to use fresh tuna the day that you purchase. To store tuna, pat the tuna dry, wrap securely in some plastic wrap or foil and store it in the coldest part of your fridge. If your fridge is not that cold, you can place the wrapped fish on a bed of ice or in a plastic bag that is filled with ice. Use the tuna within 24 hours.

Canned tuna is usually packed in either water or oil, with the oil-packed tuna being more flavorful and moist. The latest commercial innovation is tuna that is packed in vacuum pouches with no added water or oil. Unopened canned tuna can be stored in a cool cupboard for up to one year. Place leftover canned tuna in a sealed container in the fridge and use within four days. Tuna salad recipes with dressing can be refrigerated up to three days. Cooked tuna food ideas such as casserole recipes can be frozen up to two months.

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