Best From Scratch Coconut Cake

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Coconut desserts are just the thing you want to eat when you’ve eaten too chocolate desserts. If your hunt for coconut cake seems constant, this is the Best From Scratch Coconut Cake recipe you’re going to want to make. There is no box cake-mix or other instant ingredients in this recipe. Everything is made from scratch to enjoy the most authentic coconut flavor ever. You’ll never regret the extra work because the guests are going to love this dessert so much. The recipe is a soft and delicious white cake with loads of shredded coconut and frosting is a fluffy sweet cloud of coconut cream and cream cheese. It’s so tasty that you’re never going to forget the taste. That is why this coconut cake recipe is so unique and probably tops the list of best cake recipes. The purity of flavors in this cake makes it so enjoyable wanting for more servings. Contrary to a yellow cake, a white cake recipe typically uses egg whites to create the white color of the cake. There is not much of a difference with the taste apart from the color. If you’re not a fan of almond extract just skip it and use a pure vanilla extract or coconut extract would be even better.

This recipe is also good to make coconut cupcakes as well. In this recipe, you can add some freshly grated lemon zest to the batter to get a subtle tangy taste in the cake. Lemon zest also tenderizes the gluten in cake batters making it softer and moister. Some important tips to keep in mind while making the cream cheese frosting in this cake recipe is to avoid overbeating the cream cheese when preparing the frosting. Once the cream cheese reaches a smooth consistency, do not beat it any further to prevent it from turning runny. Make sure you allow the cake to cool completely before you layer it with the frosting. You can also toast the shredded coconut ever so lightly to add a touch of golden brown just on top of the cake or even in the batter. Just be mindful to not burn the coconut flakes along the process. The dry texture of coconut flakes tend to go from browning to burning way too fast in the oven. Anywhere from 2-3 minutes at 350 degrees in the oven is fine.

Perfecting the art of cake baking is not complicated if you follow simple baking tips. If you’ve always wondered how to bake a cake that yields a moist and soft texture then using quality ingredients is always the key. In the culinary world of baking, anyone would agree how amazing the cakes come out when you use the best brand of baking products. For example, using the best vanilla extract will always influence the flavor in cakes. If possible use a pure vanilla extract possibly organic brand like Neilson-Massey, with no additives like corn syrup, etc. You can set a budget aside for purchasing the ingredients and then prioritize the list of baking products accordingly based on the cost and quality.

Thank you to Aimee at the Shugary Sweets recipe blog for sharing this Best From Scratch Coconut Cake recipe with us. Do visit Aimee’s blog for more recipes on coconut desserts and some of the best cake recipes ever. Aimee shares many excellent tips on how to bake a cake that’s perfect for every occasion on her recipe blog. This simple coconut cake recipe is wonderfully tempting if you love the exquisite flavor of coconut. Make this coconut cake for friends and family today!

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