Best Guacamole Ever

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This recipe is for 'The Best Guacamole EVER'. Just how did it get to have such an honorable title? Well, it has a lot of very good ingredients in it that make it above the cut of many guacamole recipes.

We are sharing this recipe from the Favorite Family Recipes collection, and we love to share the best we can find.

How often to you eat avocado? This is food that is so full of healthy benefits that it recent has become a part of my daily diet. Once I learned about it and found out just how good avocado is I eat it even at breakfast time, sliced on a dish and no I don't make guacamole everyday, but with a recipe like this one it is more tempting! So what got me so excited about eating avocados in that studies are showing even an entire avocado daily could significantly lower cholesterol. Everyone is worried about too much cholesterol. Avocado are also the 'good fat' that we want to consume. There is good fat in avocados and they are also very low in sugar, and this food is a great source of fuel and energy for our body. This is basically a food that gives you an excellent source of healthy fats (and Yes, we need this), plus clean burning fuel for our bodies. My daughter is a nutritionist and my personal 'go-to-person for food knowledge' and after four years at University studying food, and how to identify real information from information that comes from selling product, I pretty much trust what she advises me to consume.

In this recipe you not only have avocados, you get a host of other live great for you foods such as red onions, garlic, peppers, tomatoes and lime juice to name a few.

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