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This is an easy homemade salsa recipe that will forever change the way you look at salsa. Imagine always having a jar of homemade salsa on hand when you need some for a recipe that you are making. This easy homemade salsa recipe is a step-by-step canning guide to helping you make the best homemade salsa you've ever tried. Once you try it, you will want to go out and get your tomatoes to make up a batch right away. This tomato salsa recipe is perfect for eating right away and even better when you can make it up and put on the shelves to enjoy all year long. And with this step-by-step canning guide for those who are new to canning or hesitant to try, you'll have your pantry shelves filled in no time with this easy homemade salsa recipe. This recipe has perfectly balanced flavors you are sure to love. For this easy homemade salsa recipe, you will need tomatoes, chopped onion, green bell pepper, jalapeños, garlic. You will also need ground cumin, coarsely ground black pepper, canning or pickling salt, chopped fresh cilantro, sugar, apple cider vinegar, tomato sauce and tomato paste (which is optional if you want a thicker salsa). For the full step by step tomato salsa recipe, you will want to take a look at the site. Making and canning this easy homemade salsa is not hard, but there are a few things you will want to keep in mind.

1) Always use a tested recipe. Canning is a great way to preserve food and to keep it on your shelves, but there are many food safety concerns that are related to canning, and it’s important to use a tomato salsa recipe or another recipe that’s been tested to ensure the pH levels are safe over time.

2) The variety of tomatoes doesn’t matter for this easy homemade salsa recipe, but the method does. This tomato salsa recipe calls for draining the peeled, chopped tomatoes and you’ll want to follow this step or your salsa will be watery.

3) Peeling tomatoes isn't all that fun, but this step must be done for this tomato salsa recipe (both for the texture and the bacteria standpoint). To peel the tomatoes the tomato salsa recipe calls for cutting the tomatoes in half, then place them cut-side down on a baking sheet. Then put the tomatoes under the hot oven broiler for about three to four minutes making sure to watch closely. With this tomato peeling trick the tomato skins will wrinkle right up when the baking pan is removed, and after the tomatoes are cooled, the tomato skins will peel off really easily. It’s easy to do, and you most likely won't mind peeling the tomatoes so much.

4) The step-by-step guide for this easy homemade salsa recipe uses a steam bath canner to process the salsa. This is what the recipe uses along with plenty of other home canners. But many people and resources say that there isn’t enough research about steam canners to know if they are really safe enough to use. So you'll want to do your research first and keep in mind that a water bath canner can also be used instead, it's up to you which method you choose. For the full step by step recipe for this easy homemade salsa, you will want to look at the Mel's Kitchen Cafe site. You will find this easy homemade salsa recipe on Mel's Kitchen Cafe site. On the site, you will find other tomato salsa recipes, side dish recipes, main dish recipes, dessert recipes, and more. **

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