Best Honey Mustard Chicken

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Honey mustard chicken is delicious, as you will discover when you make this recipe for this delicious Honey Mustard Chicken. Sound a bit redundant? Well, the whole delicious part was worth repeating. The combination of mustard and honey sounds a bit odd. Honey is sweet and lingers on your tongue at the front whereas the taste of mustard bites at the back of your throat. Together, though, this sweet and sharp complement of flavors works really well together and with the chicken. Try the recipe and you may be surprised just how good it really is.

Rosemary is the primary seasoning that goes with this dish. Do not leave it out. Today, you can buy all sorts of herbs fresh in the grocery store at very reasonable costs. Be sure to include this one in this dish. Rosemary has a unique and fabulous flavor that goes beautifully with chicken (and many other dishes)! Be generous with the olive oil when you oil the chicken. It not only adds flavor and improves browning, but olive oil contains more anti-oxidants (that fight destructive free radicals in your body) than any other oil you could buy. Be sure to use only the extra virgin olive oil to get this benefit.

This dish is so quick and easy to make and results in big flavor at the end. Serve it with orange rice, that is a rice where you substitute about one half (or more, if you like) of the water that is called for, with orange juice. Here, white rice (jasmine is great) works better than brown or other colored varieties. Add some carrots or sweet greens, such as Swiss Chard, and you have a perfectly balanced, and delicious, meal. Enjoy this dish soon.

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