Best Italian Cream Cake

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Some times it just takes one addition to make some thing super special, and that really is the case with this Italian Cream Cake. Here, the blend of coconut and pecans that are toasted, add up to make an extraordinary cake. As well, the cake is made as a triple layer, adding to the look of an extremely indulgent dessert. Which it is, of course, but often looks can also be deceiving. This is a cake with lots of sugar and butter in it, to be sure, but it is also loaded with plenty of good nutrition. We some times think that because it is sweet there is nothing good in the cookie, cake or other sweet thing we have made. But this is not necessarily the case, at all, and that is especially true if you have made the treat from scratch.

So this cake starts with the basic goodness of butter, eggs, sugar and flour. Together, these ingredients provide loads of nutrition including protein from the eggs, simple carbohydrates that provide plenty of quick energy from the sugar and flour as well as fats from the butter. And we do need to eat some fats. Then this cake adds in a couple of power house foods including coconut and pecans. Pecans are a terrific nut, like most nuts and seeds that offer plenty of good nutrition. Pecans are high in monounsaturated fats, the so called good fats. They are high in fiber, which is great for heart health. Nuts like pecans can help in weight loss because they make you feel fuller and satisfied when you eat them, and so you may eat less. And pecans have oleic acid in them, which is a fatty acid that research has shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Pecans are also loaded with phosphorous, an important element that contributes to healthy teeth and bones. And these are only some of the benefits from pecans (and most other nuts).

This is a great cake to make, and fun and pretty to produce because of the way you bake it in three layers and create a lovely frosting for the outside. So, make it today, and eat it tonight.

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