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Key lime pie recipes are the perfect summery dessert, tart and tangy in flavour, and light in texture. Indeed, the Key lime pie originated in the early 1900s in the sunny Key West area of Florida where a type of lime, called key limes, predominantly grew. Supposedly, the first key lime pie recipes were made by fishermen in the Key West area, and due to their travel, had to keep canned milk on board since they didn’t have modern refrigeration methods. As a result, even today, the main ingredient in Key lime pie recipes is condensed milk.

In Trish’s best key lime pie recipe, from her blog ‘Mom On Timeout’, she doesn’t expect you to resort to key limes if you can’t find them. Instead, regular limes are an apt substitute, and since they are larger than key limes, you don’t have to squeeze as many to obtain enough juice to make your pie recipe. Pastry baking is challenging to do, because if pastry dough is too dry, it will be crumbly to work with, or if it is too wet, it will tear when you transfer it to a pie plate. If working with pastry dough isn’t your thing, this easy key lime pie recipe makes things easy by using a graham cracker crust instead. Graham cracker crust recipes are excellent because they are a matter of stirring a few ingredients together and pressing into a pie plate. This type of crust also doesn't necessarily need to be baked, which allows for no-bake key lime pie recipes, as well as baked ones. This recipe does bake its graham cracker crust to set the base, however, and the crumbs taste best when they are toasted for a short time in the oven.

This key lime pie will become one of the best family recipes due to its quick and easy preparation. This pie takes only a half hour to prepare, once your graham crust is ready, but it does need a few hours of chill time to set the filling. This thirty-minute key lime pie recipe is such an excellent make-ahead dessert with minimal prep time that it will become your go-to dessert recipe for all your family functions. This pie may even become a weekly staple in your household, but if you find you would prefer a different flavour, after making it a million times, it would be easy to switch to any other flavour of citrus. Consider swapping the lime juice for lemon juice for a lemon tart filling or you can do the same with oranges. If using grapefruit, you can even mix a tiny amount of pink food paste colouring so that your guests know there is something a little different about your pie. The best dessert recipes ever don’t have to be hard; it’s usually just a matter of quality fresh ingredients and a few sound techniques. Thank you to Trish, the author of ‘Mom On Timeout’ recipe blog, for showing us her key lime pie recipe.

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