BEST laundry room design ever!

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Now this is a well designed laundry room! Love this laundry room! It's always wonderful to have a separate laundry room for your laundry, if you have the luxury of having your own washer and drier. Still many rentals and apartment units don't have laundry facilities. Or if they do, than it's a shared room where you are subject to people taking your clothes, or messing with them while you are not around. Or the fun of going to a laundry mat, where you really have to hang around and watch your clothes, depending on what city you live in.

It's so nice to have a room dedicated to just laundry. It saves you so much time and energy in the long run too. You don't have to hang your clothes all over the house, you can just set up a line for drying in your laundry room. And having a shelf to fold laundry like sheets and towels on, is awesome. This laundry room in the photo seems to have everything! It even has drawers for your laundry baskets to go in! That would make for perfect storage so you don't have to be tripping all over the laundry baskets on the floor all the time.

The other thing that is awesome is that there is plenty of cupboard space, to store laundry detergent, and fabric softener, dryer sheets, and everything else you need would be right at your fingertips! Some laundry rooms just put up shelves to put your detergents and things on, but it ends up looking so messy, like a junk room, instead of a room you want to be in doing your laundry. A little bit of planning goes a long way and this would make a great feature for resale too! Head on over to 'Facebook' for the Country Living Facebook page, by following the link in the description below for more inspiration!

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