Best Lemon Loaf Starbucks Copycat

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This cake leans on the use of lemon extract to capture the rich and present flavor of lemon in this Best Lemon Loaf Starbucks Copycat. So follow the recipe precisely if you want to have the same great results that you buy at Starbucks every week. And would it not be nice to not have to drive to your Starbucks but get the same great taste right at home.

This recipe is best mixed by hand, and not too much. The recipe creator and blogger cautions against over mixing and comments that lumps are okay in this recipe. They will work themselves out in the mixing. As well, be sure about what kind of lemon is being used and where in this recipe. The recipe creator notes that in the cake lemon extract is used, and not either lemon oil or lemon juice. Neither of these other lemons can capture quite the right level of intensity of lemon flavor that is found in the Starbucks version of lemon loaf. For the glaze, real lemon juice is used. The yogurt in the recipe also underscores the tangy flavor that you want from a really great lemon cake. Again, be sure to follow the recipe closely in order to get the results that you expect from a Starbucks Copycat loaf.

This is still an easy recipe to make, just as long as you read it through first. Make it with your new baker so the two of you can read together about the differences between oils, extracts and juices. Once you know which type of lemon is being used and where in the recipe, go ahead and blend the whole thing together by hand. It will taste great, and have that same lovely and light flavor you find in the fabulous Starbucks loaf we all love to buy. But now, you won’t have to.

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