Best Pound Cake Recipe, with Gingered Brown Butter Peaches

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Some times you just want a plain old fashioned simple pound cake with some fruit and whipped cream. If you are having a craving for something like that, here is the Best Pound Cake Recipe, with Gingered Brown Butter Peaches. Doesn't that just sound like the perfect summer dessert?! The peaches with the ginger and brown butter just sound amazing on their own to be honest! I could care less about having cake with them. But it would be nice to have the cake to soak up all of the peachy, ginger, brown butter sauce though, wouldn't it? Add some whipped cream, and voila, the perfect summer dessert!

The pound cake was improvised by the author, Allie, at Baking A Moment, she used her own baking know how derived from her experience as a pastry chef previously. So she does know a thing or two about baking and pastry making. The pound cake is a simple and easy to follow recipe, that will turn out great every time! One of the keys to baking a great cake is to measure out the ingredients as well as measure them, sometimes even the slightest amount off, and they can make the whole dessert different.

The peaches are very simple to make and would be great just on their own too! Served with ice cream, yogurt or whipped cream. They would also be a great topping for a cheese cake too! The peaches don't take too much effort, and the ingredients are kept simple and fresh and natural. This would be a great way to use up some peaches to make a really great dessert, using some of the ripest ones that might otherwise be wasted. Summer time is such a great time for all the fresh fruit, so get it while it's fresh! Head over to 'Baking A Moment' by following the link in the section below for more!

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