Best Twice Baked Russet Potato and Bacon Casserole

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Looking for some more casserole recipes to make for dinner time? This Twice Baked Russet Potato and Bacon Casserole is a great recipe to try out. The casserole contains all of the same flavours of a twice baked potato but in casserole form. It can be made as a side dish for dinner to accompany your meat of choice and other vegetables, or, it could be served with a salad for a lighter option. It would also be a great recipe to make for a gathering or a potluck since everyone will love this potato dish. It only takes 30 minutes to prepare and 1 hour to cook and makes 8 to 10 servings total. The recipe is one of many easy dinner ideas from Six Sisters Stuff a great website shared among six sisters named Steph, Kendra, Lauren, Elyse, Kristen, and Camille. They share their favourite family recipes using common ingredients that everyone can find in their kitchen. They also share diy crafts and home decor projects that can be made on a dime and that are quite simple and stylish. The sisters believe that even busy people will be able to make the easy dinner ideas and recipes they share because spending time with your family is most important.

For this twice baked potato and bacon casserole recipe, you'll need 5 pounds of russet potatoes as well as 10 slices of bacon. If you can, try and find bacon that comes from pasture-raised farms. These farms tend to raise healthier animals, and their meat tends to contain less fat than factory farmed animals because they don't feed them cheap soy meal to fatten them up. You'll also need cream cheese, unsalted butter, cheddar cheese and sour cream so make sure that your dairy comes from an organic, pasture-raised farm for the same reasons. You'll also need some green onions, salt and pepper. Set your oven to 350 degrees F to preheat it. Peel the potatoes and then cut them into 1 inch pieces and put them in a large pot with cold water to cover them. Bring the water to a boil and then reduce to a simmer to cook the potatoes until they are tender. Then drain them once they're cooked and put them back into the pan and cover. Cook the bacon until it's crisp and drain on some paper towel to remove some of the excess grease.

Let the bacon cool and then crumble it into small pieces. Using an electric hand mixer, mash the potatoes and add the cream cheese, butter, and sour cream, and mix until smooth. Next, add in the chives, cheddar cheese, half the bacon, salt, and pepper. Then put everything into a 9 inch by 13-inch baking pan that's been greased. Top with some more cheddar cheese and then bake until the top is golden and the potatoes are heated all the way through. This should take about 30 minutes. Allow to cool for a few minutes and then scoop out and onto your plate to serve. This would be great served up with some barbeque chicken, or some steak. It would also be a great side to make instead of plain mashed potatoes for a holiday dinner. If you're interested in more easy dinner ideas you should check out the Six Sisters’ Menu Plan program. They give you several different menu options to find the meal menu program that works the best for your family. Then each week, you'll get a menu plan with a detailed shopping list and recipes. So all you have to do is the shopping and cooking.***

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