Best Way to Tackle your most dreaded Spring Cleaning chores

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Do you dread giving your home a good, deep clean? While cleaning isn't an activity we particularly look forward to, there are ways to make it easier. Generally, it's fine to tidy up our homes regularly, but every so often it needs a really thorough cleaning. Usually, in your weekly cleaning routine you'll give everything a once-over, and maybe even daily you do a clean up of toys, books, and papers to make your house feel neater and tidier. Those deeper cleans are still needed though, and it's usually a good idea to do them at least once a month or so. So it's great that there are so many good cleaning tips like these ones from Jillee of One Good Thing By Jillee. She shares 10 different cleaning tips for how to make 10 different chores easier than ever before. You could choose a couple of things to deep clean each month and set up a schedule where you're deep cleaning items in a rotation. That way everything stays nice and clean. Jillee uses some different products from Endust, a company that's usually known for their dusting sprays.

It turns out that Endust has cleaner specifically for stainless steel appliances called Endust Stainless Steel Cleaner. The cleaner is great for cleaning as well as protecting your stainless steel items while giving them a beautiful shine. This special cleaner makes our lives easier because it leaves you with no streaks, no film and no residue. All you do is take the spray and spray it all over your stainless steel items and then wipe clean with a clean, dry cloth. A tip for cleaning stainless steel items is to just keep buffing with a clean cloth until any streaks and product have been rubbed into the steel. It turns out that the same company has a wood floor cleaner too. It helps to break down any stains on your floor and bring them to a shine. All you do is spray the wood floor cleaner right onto your hardwood floors, and use a cloth mop to clean and shine. No one likes cleaning their blinds either, but if you leave them too long they get caked in dust. All you do is spray some Endust dusting cleaner on your blinds and then use a duster or a cloth to dust each one of the slats in the blinds.

Along with blinds, baseboards are up there with one of the most annoying things to clean in your home. But again, if they are left for too long you will end up with a lot of dust on them. Jillee recommends using a brush vacuum attachment to suck the dust up first and then use a cloth with some dusting spray on it to clean up any that's left behind. You should also clean the air vents in your home too. They can collect a lot of dust and dirt over time so cleaning them at the end of winter can really freshen the air in your home. Just simply remove the metal vent covers and put them in your bathtub with some dish soap and let them soak and scrub them with a scrubbing brush. Allow them to dry and then put them back in place. The dusting spray is also very good for dusting any other surfaces like your shelving units and tables. Really any surface that collects dust and it's so important to clean up dust because it can irritate allergies. So try out these great cleaning tips that make our lives easier from One Good Thing By Jillee and see how well they work for you.***

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