Better Than Anything Cake

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Is it possible to have a better than anything cake? Well, in the end, you and your family will have to decide that matter for yourselves. However, this recipe does combine some pretty fantastic ingredients like chocolate cake, chocolate bars and whipped cream, among other ingredients, so you know it will be absolutely creamy and dee-lish-us.

This recipe is also a perfect choice for plenty of little helpers. Older cooks can make the cake, while little hands can crush up the chocolate bars. As always, remember to have extra on hand for hungry helpers, who tend to require taste testing as part of their payment for helping out. (Set a bar aside for yourself, too. Why not?)You can oversee the entire process and bring it all together in a wonderful layering of chocolate bar, cake and topping. Taken together, the first bite will be chocolate-y, creamy, whipped creamy, crunchy and totally yummy.

This dish combines great flavor, reasonable cost, and quick preparation that will make it a go to choice for when you and you family need a dessert for dinner. Like tonight. The cake also stores well and keeps nicely in the fridge for one day. That means you can prepare it for a party, gathering, BBQ or other event the day before and still bring a wonderful dessert. One way to ensure freshness is to wait to add the whipped topping, caramel drizzle, and sprinkling of crushed chocolate bars until just before you leave or before guests arrive. That way your cake stays super fresh. To speed up spreading of the whipped topping, put it into a Ziploc bag. When you are ready to spread it, cut a generous hole in one corner and just pipe the whipped topping rather than spending time to spread it out. It also looks very pretty when it is piped.

This dessert does have a lot of calories so small slices will be appreciated. Some times, though, you need something that is extra sweet, extra decadent and extra yum yum yum. This dessert meets all those needs. Try it tonight. Make it today with your family, put it in the fridge to allow the ingredients to come together, and share your efforts at dinner tonight. Why not?

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