Better Than Anything Poke Cake

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Try this Better Than Anything Poke Cake recipe, and just see if it does not convert you over to this fabulous type of dessert. And the best thing about this type of dessert is that the whole thing is made from pre-packaged foods so it comes together really quickly and easily. And because this better than anything poke cake recipe is more about assembling parts to make it, your up and coming baker can make this one on his or her own. So turn over the keys to the kitchen for the day and let him or her make this better than anything poke cake recipe.

This better than anything poke cake recipe is possibly the simplest cake that you could make. The cake is from a commercial box mix, and the poke part of the cake is two packaged materials that get mixed and poured over the cake. Finish this better than anything poke cake recipe off with pre-whipped topping and toffee bits, and you are good to go. You will have to chill this dessert for several hours before you serve and eat it. A sweet dessert is always welcome after dinner, especially by the kids. And a poke cake is a lovely one to make since the way that it is blended the cake is always moist and infused with an interesting flavor. In this recipe the chocolate cake is infused with a combination of milk and caramel, two flavors that taste wonderful against chocolate. So everyone in the house is likely to enjoy this great treat.

This recipe is so simple to make that you can keep it book marked for those days when you are in a rush, have no time, or are just out of energy to create something for dessert. This better than anything poke cake recipe is just the answer that you might be looking for. It is so easy that the kids can make, or they can certainly help with the mixing, pouring, blending, and chilling. That will make the entire task much simpler and make this dish easier for you to prepare and make on those nights when energy levels are low and time is running short.

Up and coming bakers might want to put this better than anything poke cake recipe together, too, because it is a simple enough cake to not offer too many challenges to a new baker. So let your new baker try his or her hand at this great dessert. They will love putting together the cake mix, and then poking the cake to add in the caramel and milk blend that tastes great against the chocolate box mix. The final touch is whipped topping.

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