Better Than Take Out Beef and Broccoli

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Of course if it is homemade it will be Better Than Take Out Beef and Broccoli any day of the week. This dish is a fabulous one, even purchased at a local take out (usually, anyway) and one that every one enjoys, and if you make it at home with ingredients that are fresh and in the balance that you enjoy them in (more broccoli? More beef?) you will like this dish even better.

There are a couple of important steps to make this recipe really terrific. First, the meat is marinated. That is a great way to improve the flavor of the beef, and to ensure that it is tender when it is cooked. The website recipe recommends that you leave the meat to tenderize and marinate for about one hour. You could make this up even the night before you plan to have this meal, and then the meat could be left in the fridge over night. That extra step would really make the flavor and texture of the meat pop. Still, as is, this will be great meat in this dish.

The seasonings will also ensure that this recipe will be delicious. The recipe calls for ginger and garlic, two terrific flavors that provide a bite of pepper and aromatic richness to any dish. Together, they really make the veggies and meat taste great. This dish is easy to make, once the marinate is complete. You simply sauté everything (although in a slightly different order than you might expect) and serve it for dinner tonight. Serve this dish with rice, either white or brown, or noodles. Both taste great with this dish. Be sure to make it soon. Your entire family will enjoy this meal.

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