Betty Crocker Recipe Brownie Goody Bars

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This dish is more about assembling and putting together a host of ingredients to create this recipe for Betty Crocker Recipe Brownie Goody Bars. It does result in a chocolate-y blend with a good rice krispies crunch that lots of people enjoy. And it is easy to make, once the brownies are made. The recipe calls for brand names, here, Betty Crocker, but any brand will do. And because this recipe is mostly assembly, let your up and coming baker try his or her hand at putting this dish together. Once you have the brownies made, all the rest of the ingredients are simply blended or layered and then spread on top of the brownie. So you end up with a tiered snack with lots of chocolate and crunch.

These kinds of dishes are mostly favored by the kids because of the fun in eating them, and also, of course, because they are so sweet and rich. Serve them on occasion, but not regularly, because they are just so loaded with sugar. Here there are salted peanuts added in to the mix, which provide some nutritional relief. Peanuts add protein, good fats, loads of vitamins and minerals and are a source of a range of anti-oxidants such as resveratrol and anti-inflammatories. The salt in the peanuts will also offer some relief from the sweetness of the dish. The combination of salt and sugar is a good one in a sweet recipe.

This dish is easy to make once the brownies are baked. So let the kids take over from that point, and layer and blend the rest of the stuff to their heart’s contentment. You can take it easy, but remember to get your share before the entire dish disappears! Enjoy this dish soon, when ever the kids are up to making it!

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