Big dollars saved through these forgotten building tips . . .

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Do you think that being energy efficient will cost you a ton of money upfront, and cost more than just continuing to live as you are? These Energy Efficient Planning Tips may change your mind. Some of the things that you can put in place really cost nothing, and if you are lucky enough to be building your home, you can plan plenty of things that will cost, quite literally, nothing at all. It just takes some thinking and the willingness, especially if you are building your home, of the designer to consider possibilities that might help you make your home more efficient.

One of the biggest considerations when you build is the landscape. If you live in a southern clime, concerns about the heat are perhaps going to be on your mind, and if you live in the cold Canadian north, concerns might be present about the cold weather and winds that come with it. In both cases, simply thinking about where the sun rises, and where it lands for the longest period during the day can help you locate and position your home so that it either gets as much sun as possible (in cold climates) or is out of the sun as much as possible in climates that are warmer. The same is true for the prevailing winds. This information is easily to find out, in fact, an astute eye can identify prevailing winds just by looking at the growth and lean structure on mature trees. Then determine how your home can best take advantage of that moving air.

Making your home more energy efficient does not necessarily mean that you have to tear down your current structure and build another one. But it does mean that you need to be ware of your environment and how you can work in that environment to protect and take advantage of every possibility that you see. Check out more ideas on the web site and see what you can do to make your home more energy efficient today.

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