Billionare Bars

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Billionaire Bars! That sounds like something I'd want to bite into! This cookie-based layered bar offers an explosion of creamy caramel and a chocolate peanut butter top. The billionaire bar is similar to the Millionaire Shortbread or bar, and there is a little history as to its origination.

The Millionaire Shortbread has a history of first being made in the Elizabethan-era in Scotland and used ground oats in the base layer. The dessert offered layers of high-fat, unleavened sweetbread. The other layers included condensed milk that that had been caramelized and a melted chocolate layer on top. For recipes, these days we often use an already prepared caramel sauce, but generations past would heat the condensed milk until it turned to a thick caramel. In early history, they would make this dessert in three stages. First a shortbread, then the caramel layer and to top the chocolate layer. The shortbread layer is well known as one of the simplist recipes as it uses only flour, sugar and butter to give that flaky buttery texture we are so familiar with. The original versions date back to the beginning of the 19th century. Imagine that royalty sat and dined at large tables, on fine china enjoying the original Millionaire Bars! Although the Elizabethan-era Scotland used oats originally, the modern recipes we use has replaced the oats with wheat flour. On special occasions, a little orange peel would have also been added to the dessert.

The recipe we are sharing today has some shortcuts and the busy home baker will be able to put this dessert together in about 30 minutes although you need to plan for a couple hours before you cut and serve, so they have time for not only the baking but also the cooling and setting in the refrigerator before cutting and serving.

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