Bit Triffle

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This is a perfect recipe for Bit Triffle for a young aspiring cook and baker or to attempt to prepare when you want a dessert but do not necessarily have a lot of time to spend making it.The recipe for triffle comes to us from England, often spelled with only one, ‘f’. The trifle layers oodles of cream or custard, cookies or cake soaked in liquor and fresh fruit. This combination is then topped with whipped cream, pretty much always, because, well, why wouldn’t you? A trifle is left overnight, generally, to allow the cake flavors to come together. Because it is layered and contains usually beautiful mounds of whipped filling and fruit, it is also usually prepared in a glass serving dish to show it off. That means a trifle makes quite a splash when it is brought to the table, or when it sits as a center piece throughout dinner.

This particular recipe is great because it uses simple ingredients and some pre-packaged ingredients to allow you to pull the trifle together in record time. It still uses two kinds of fresh fruit to bump up flavor and nutrition. Little hands can readily help, either placing the cake into the bowl, helping to distribute the fruit or testing the whipped cream to see if it is whipped quite well enough. If you use ready made whipped cream, little hands will certainly want to help spread it. Just watch for entire fingers slipping into the creamy white stuff! The recipe Nonna puts together for us today is also very kid friendly, using jello and eschewing the addition of any liquors which are sometimes challenging flavors for young people to appreciate.

This is a fun and fresh take on a superb classic dessert. Whether you make it using this quick and easy, not to mention affordable, method or turn your talents to the challenging original, trifle is a wonderful compilation of fresh fruit and cream that will become an instant favorite with your family. It is the perfect dish to prepare for outdoor parties, BBQs, or other social gatherings. It will be an instant hit with everyone there.

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