Black Bean Sweet Corn and Tomato Quinoa Burritos

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This Black Bean Sweet Corn and Tomato Quinoa Burritos Recipe is gluten-free, make ahead and freezer friendly. This burrito recipe is like having a hand held burrito bowl. With quinoa high in fiber and quinoa high protein, you know that you are getting plenty of nutrition in every bite. The tomato nutrition can also be added in, and you are ready to get through your afternoon or the rest of your day. This yummy black bean burrito recipe is perfect for a quick lunch or dinner. Burrito recipes or burrito bowl recipes are a great way to go when you want to have something filling and nutritious during the day. For this burrito recipe, the quinoa cooked in chicken broth gives maximum flavor that is then piled into a warmed gluten-free tortilla that is topped with a sauteed mixture of black bean, sweet corn, chopped tomatoes and more. This burrito recipe is a hand-held meal that can be enjoyed right away, or stored away in the refrigerator or frozen to eat later on.

A burrito bowl recipe is a great way to get a lot of nutritious ingredients into one dish. You can use quinoa for a gluten-free option that is quinoa high in fiber and quinoa high protein, along with tomato nutrition and more. A burrito bowl can have ingredients like tomatoes for some tomato nutrition, corn, beans and herbs. Nutrition facts tomato include the fruit being high in Vitamin C, with lesser amounts of Vitamin A, iron and calcium. Quinoa is the superfood ingredient that we seem to hear so much about lately. Quinoa is a great addition to meal plans and burrito bowl recipe when people are looking for gluten-free options. Quinoa can be used in a wide variety of recipes from burrito bowl recipes, stir fry recipes, side dish recipes and more. Quinoa originated in the Andean regions of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Chile. Quinoa high in fiber, quinoa high protein and iron, with lesser amounts of calcium.

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Thank you to Kristin at the Iowa Girl Eats recipe site for sharing this quinoa high protein recipe. Kristin has lived in Iowa and around the Midwest for most of her life. She enjoys eating fresh food which is abundant in the area she lives. She got married to her husband in 2008, and as a newlywed started the blog as a sort of food diary, a place where she could share her daily breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas and recipes. Her recipe blog shares her quick, healthy and attainable recipes, along with her and her husband's travels around the world. On her recipe site you will find a wide variety of recipe ideas from gluten free recipes, light and healthy recipes, crock pot recipes, main dish recipes, side dish recipes, snack recipes and more. Some examples of recipes you will find on the site include roast chicken recipes, roasted cauliflower recipes, burrito bowl recipes, dill mashed potatoes recipe and more. **

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